Been a long while! So where we’re at…

October 14, 2010 at 10:56 am (Cat Toilet Training)

*brushes dust off blog* Hi! Remember me?…

So to quickly sum up what has been going on with the kitties…

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Not How You Want to Start Mornings

August 17, 2010 at 1:09 pm (Cat Toilet Training) (, , , , , )

So Phobos when he does go, usually has to pee first, and then poop right afterwards. If we’re lucky, he does this while we are home so we are able to clean up after his first deed. Then he will go on to do his other deed. You know what I’m talkin’ about.

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Caught in Action

August 3, 2010 at 10:51 pm (Cat Toilet Training) (, , , , )

So far, we hadn’t had any problems with the cats going to the washroom, not counting the “accident” next to the litter box just before we made the switch back to the LK, but that was because the box was absolutely filthy.

Deimos has always been comfortable with the LK, going when he pleases and has no major issues with the LK,  other than his positioning. I noticed a few times that he likes to go straight into the middle of the hole and in doing so, places all his paws inside the Amber stage area. I think this is okay, as he’s probably learned that pee in the toilet is ideal, and green stage I don’t think this should be a problem for him.

Unlike Deimos, Phobos usually protests and meows loudly while pacing around the house just before absolutely having to go… he typically holds it in as he seems to obviously dislike the LK. I usually have to persuade him to go, though if I am not around he will go, though only when he can’t hold it in anymore. I’ve seen that cat hold in his poop for over 24 hours… I’m not sure that’s too healthy but… I will continue to observe as we continue the training.

So far we haven’t met any surprises or accidents, though, I have a feeling we’re due for something sometime soon…

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Back On Track!

July 26, 2010 at 11:04 am (Renovations, Toilet training) (, , , , )

Cuddly Kittens

BFFFs! Best Fur Friends Forever!

We’re pretty much DONE with renovations. I just signed off our last cheque for the remaining balance owed. We were going to replace the kitchen lighting because our fluorescent light is not consistently working but the toll of the renovations thus far have us thinking twice about taking on yet MORE expenses. Just going to see how it goes, most likely use the current light until we completely burn it out.

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Big Renovations = LK On Hold

July 13, 2010 at 12:20 pm (Kittens, Toilet training) (, , , , )

Exactly as the title says…

We’ve been undergoing lots of renovations at our house. And I mean LOTS.   Read the rest of this entry »

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Secret Stash?!

April 28, 2010 at 8:43 am (Kittens, Toilet training) (, , , )

I certainly hope not anyways…

Ever since we made the minor change of removing the clear plastic sheet, we have not seen Phobos go pee once, nor seen any evidence of him going. It’s been about 2 days. O___o;;

Phobos seems to look at the hole with some interest, or rather, more interest than before. I think the size now puts him off a bit.

But then this morning, lo and behold, he finally goes after much encouragement from Ian and I. Yay! But then he made us late-ish for work because he decided to go just when we were about to leave, and we had to stick around til he finished so we could clean up the LK. Booooo!

We noticed that when he peed, he did so by ’emptying’ into the tray area. Which leads me to suspect that either he has been able to hold it all in for like, 2 whole days, or he’s been peeing elsewhere and we just haven’t found it yet. Third option, but highly unlikely, is that he was peeing in the toilet, and that he just managed to get it all in the toilet and none in the tray. I am very skeptical about that. I’m super worried that he’s probably peed somewhere like in our bedroom (NO THE HORRORS!) because while normally the door is kept close when we are home, the renovation people who are working on our master bathroom, have NOT been closing the door. So the kitties have had access to our bedroom for the last couple of days…

Well he peed today this morning so here’s to hoping we don’t find anything in the bedroom later today.

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…A Little Surprise.

April 26, 2010 at 4:30 pm (Kittens, Toilet training) (, , , )

I like surprises. But what was in store for us today was not a nice surprise. Oh no. We got home from work, and what did we find? Yep. Phobos left us another one of his special “surprises” on the floor in front of the toilet. The only plus side to all this is that at least he’s doing it on the linoleum side of the bathroom instead of on the carpet, as there is carpeting in 2/3 of the bathroom (ugh, yes I know it’s weird and gross to have carpeting in a bathroom; annoys the heck outta me!) where the LK is located.

HOWEVER, I do forgive the little bugger because the LK was filthy, as Phobos had so nicely filled it with pee. And as we have found, he will refuse to poop in the LK if it’s filled and dirty, and he usually goes to pee just before pooping, so we usually need to be home to clean up right away so he can get to his ‘secondary business’. I am just hoping we can progress enough to the Green stage, in which case Phobos may not have the problem of filling up the tray as the hole will be bigger, therefore Phobos should be able to pee mostly into the toilet. But I’m getting ahead of myself here, so I can only hope that we might progress to Green stage.

Because the Amber stage was all filled and dirty, we decided to wash it out again, and like we had planned, we removed the plastic bit. Even though we didn’t expect to be washing it soon, we thought it would be okay to remove the clear plastic as there was only really a bit left, and it seems like the cats don’t really rely too much on it anymore. But I guess we shall see…Crossing my fingers!

If the cats continue to use the LK as normal, then we will have officially gotten to the true Amber stage using its original sized hole… finally!

***News Flash: Ok, I just found Deimos using it, so there’s one cat. Though he was the easy one…we’ll have to see if Phobos will take to the change.

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Still Goin!…& At a Pretty Steady Pace.

April 25, 2010 at 2:52 pm (Cat Products, Kittens, Toilet training, Toys) (, , , , )

Long time no see! Again…Sorry, my bad…Last post I said I would try harder but I guess I failed at that.  >__>

Well I’m here now! So as for what’s going on…

Last time I wrote, we had the Litter Kwitter setup on the floor…basically almost the very first step. Which seemed like such a regression considering we had them up to the LK being on the toilet on the Amber stage.

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Long Time No See

January 28, 2010 at 10:18 pm (Kittens, Toilet training) (, )

Yeeeaah. My bad. I’m really bad at keeping updates. I’m gonna try harder though, I really want to try to keep a fairly consistent blog.


So what’s up with the cats, cause that’s what this is mostly about…right? So if I recall, we had put the Litter Kwitter on a bit of a hiatus since -somebody- had a major pooping problem.

Well fast forwarding ahead to today, and we currently are back on the Litter Kwitter! (again) It’s just on the floor with the Red tray (oh man, I don’t want to imagine what it would be like if there was another tray in there instead but still on the floor), and both kitties have been very good with it. No accidents to report so far since reintroducing the LK except for one mishap when Deimos decided to poop on the bathroom’s carpet when the LK was just being washed for like 5 minutes. Figures. Other than that, so far so good.

We decided to take it exceedingly slow, since it seems Phobos is sensitive to changes. We had the LK on the floor since about early January, and I believe it’s been like that for over 2 weeks now. We tried to put it up on the toilet last Friday (Jan. 22), but it appeared to us like Phobos was holding it in, so we didn’t want him to get scared of the LK again and we put it back on the floor after less than a day. We’ll try again starting tomorrow and see how it goes.I’ve been thinking maybe there needs to be a gradual raising of the LK so that he will barely notice it going up.

We find it’s a good idea to make any changes  near a weekend or a span of time we have off from work and can be home to monitor our cats to make sure they’re taking to the changes. Then we can leave the changes as is if the response is good or adjust if needed.

I’m also trying to take more and post more pictures. This one is a random pic I found dated back from Oct. 2009. Enjoy!

kitties stuffed in a kitty post bed

Hmmm... I think we can maybe get ONE more kitten in there...

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Litter Kwitter – Broken…

December 27, 2009 at 12:22 am (Uncategorized) (, , )

Since last I posted, when we got back that night from a Christmas dinner, we came home to one of Phobos’ special piles tucked away by our washing machines. Yesterday (Dec. 25) we had yet another dinner to go to, but fortunately we got home sooner that night so Phobos hadn’t gone yet. I noticed him later in the evening meowing in the bathroom, the way he does when he really wants something (he hardly ever meows). So I knew he had to poop, as he had probably been holding it in… I tried to show him to the Litter Kwitter, which is still on the floor with the Red stage, but he just turned away from it right away. He went around the house scratching at things, and I knew he really wanted to go but didn’t feel comfortable going because there wasn’t any appropriate places around for him other than the LK. I figure he only goes on the floor as a last resort, though I can’t understand why he doesn’t resort to the LK! So Ian and I finally caved and took out the ol’ Kitty litter box. We put in their old non-flushable kitty litter, Jonny Cat. I’m not sure why we chose to do that, I guess at the time I reasoned that we shouldn’t waste the flushable litter on the box? Anyways, as soon as we had set that box up with litter, Phobos jumped in right away and did his business. I didn’t want to go back to the box, but it seemed like there was no way to coax Phobos into pooping in the Litter Kwitter, and we were getting very tired of cleaning up his crap off the floor. He would pee in there fine, but pooping… I can’t even remember when was the last time I’d seen Phobos poop in the Litter Kwitter.
Though I think I might’ve narrowed it down to something… I remember that Phobos was reluctant to use the new flushable litter we introduced, so it is a possibility that the litter is the problem.

After this Jonny Cat litter that’s currently in the litter box has been used up, then I’ll try to switch it to the flushable litter to see if Phobos has an aversion to pooping in it. If he avoids pooping in it, even in the litter box, then we’ll know the litter is definitely the culprit. If Phobos does poop in it, then it’s possible we might have transitioned too quickly and he got confused about what the litter’s purpose was. Even though he had buried his brother’s poop plenty of times in the flushable litter, I guess he’s very stubborn when it comes to learning new things. I hope it’s the latter; I would hate to go hunting for a new brand of flushable litter and have to train both kitties to a new one.

Speaking of training, I had no doubt that Deimos would automatically default to the litter box once that was reintroduced, but I had not expected the toilet training to have really taken hold. It was only when I witnessed Deimos going to the litter box, that I saw him actually attempt to perch the edge of the box like he would on the Litter Kwitter as he went poopie! I was really amazed that he was doing that. Strangely enough he only did that when he was pooping, and not when he went to pee, though I suspect it would be very difficult for him to try to perch the edge of the box when in peeing position. I tried to grab a picture, but so far I’ve missed both times he has done it. I’ll post a picture if I manage to capture him in the act…

I have high hopes for training Deimos easily when we get both cats back on track with the LK. For now we will have to endure a bit of retraining the basics in a normal box.

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