Merry Christmas Eve’ Everyone!

December 24, 2009 at 1:18 pm (Uncategorized) (, , )

Wow, can’t believe it’s Christmas already!

I bought a cat toy from this Japanese dollar store we have here, called Daiso. It was a Christmas present for the kitties, and I decided to let them play with it earlier yesterday. It’s a stick that has this glittery, colourful, fuzzy pom poms on the end of it, and both cats seemed to like it. Phobos looked like he was gonna go nuts!…

Nothing new to report on the toilet training, other than Deimos is very comfortable going on the Litter Kwitter and he goes on it like he would in a regular cat litter box – peeing frequently and pooping at least once a day. Phobos however seems to hold it in so sometimes he doesn’t even go poop for the day, and pees like once a day. *sigh* I wish there was a way to make the LK more appealing for Phobos.

Also, yesterday he pooped on the floor in the bathroom again, in a different place on the floor compared to last time. It was much closer to the toilet, though I don’t think that means anything. At least he’s going on the linoleum. We have partial carpeting in our bathroom that we set up the LK in, so it’s pretty disgusting when they do decide to go on the carpet, though luckily it’s a rare occurrence when it happens. I tried placing a small piece of his poop in the LK, but my boyfriend later accidentally cleaned it up; I was hoping by doing that it might attract Phobos to poop in the LK. That was a tip I picked up from the LK forums. I’ll try again next time if Phobos happens to poop on the floor again (hopefully not, but I don’t really have high hopes for that).

Well anyways gonna be on my way to drop off present to people and get to a Christmas dinner at a friend’s. Left a heaping pile of kitty kibble to keep the cats tided over until we can get home to give them their wet foods.

Merry Christmas everyone!


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