Long Time No See

January 28, 2010 at 10:18 pm (Kittens, Toilet training) (, )

Yeeeaah. My bad. I’m really bad at keeping updates. I’m gonna try harder though, I really want to try to keep a fairly consistent blog.


So what’s up with the cats, cause that’s what this is mostly about…right? So if I recall, we had put the Litter Kwitter on a bit of a hiatus since -somebody- had a major pooping problem.

Well fast forwarding ahead to today, and we currently are back on the Litter Kwitter! (again) It’s just on the floor with the Red tray (oh man, I don’t want to imagine what it would be like if there was another tray in there instead but still on the floor), and both kitties have been very good with it. No accidents to report so far since reintroducing the LK except for one mishap when Deimos decided to poop on the bathroom’s carpet when the LK was just being washed for like 5 minutes. Figures. Other than that, so far so good.

We decided to take it exceedingly slow, since it seems Phobos is sensitive to changes. We had the LK on the floor since about early January, and I believe it’s been like that for over 2 weeks now. We tried to put it up on the toilet last Friday (Jan. 22), but it appeared to us like Phobos was holding it in, so we didn’t want him to get scared of the LK again and we put it back on the floor after less than a day. We’ll try again starting tomorrow and see how it goes.I’ve been thinking maybe there needs to be a gradual raising of the LK so that he will barely notice it going up.

We find it’s a good idea to make any changesĀ  near a weekend or a span of time we have off from work and can be home to monitor our cats to make sure they’re taking to the changes. Then we can leave the changes as is if the response is good or adjust if needed.

I’m also trying to take more and post more pictures. This one is a random pic I found dated back from Oct. 2009. Enjoy!

kitties stuffed in a kitty post bed

Hmmm... I think we can maybe get ONE more kitten in there...


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