Still Goin!…& At a Pretty Steady Pace.

April 25, 2010 at 2:52 pm (Cat Products, Kittens, Toilet training, Toys) (, , , , )

Long time no see! Again…Sorry, my bad…Last post I said I would try harder but I guess I failed at that.  >__>

Well I’m here now! So as for what’s going on…

Last time I wrote, we had the Litter Kwitter setup on the floor…basically almost the very first step. Which seemed like such a regression considering we had them up to the LK being on the toilet on the Amber stage.

But NOW, we are back on track and we have progressed back up to the Amber stage, in fact I believe it’s a little further than they were before. We had used some clear plastic sheets to help transition from Red to Amber as the hole is so freakin big and scares the bejebus out of most cats when they encounter it. But this time around, we’ve been able to make the hole bigger than their earlier attempt on Amber, so we’re passing our original progress! Yay! In fact, we may just remove the plastic bit altogether next time we clean it, since it seems they are quite comfortable with Amber stage. We just washed the LK today, and we usually do a wash once a week, so we’ll probably change it sometime next week.

Amber stage: round 2, FIGHT!

This is our current setup with training our kitties. Note that there is a little piece of plastic in the middle. I got some durable sheets of clear plastic, which was kind of hard to cut, but did the trick nicely in transitioning between Red and Amber stages. Initially we started out with a small hole puncher sized opening; can't remember when exactly ago, but sometime about early March? You'll also note that there are bottles around the backside of the toilet, along with a aluminum tray of water. The bottles are there to prevent Phobos from pooping behind the toilet, and the tray of water is to deter him from pooping at that spot again. Works so far...

Funnily enough we weren’t going to wash it today, but Deimos ended up knocking the LK over when I had it balanced on a garbage pail, and all the litter went flying on the floor. So we figured it was a good opportunity to wash it then and there. Reason why the LK was on a garbage pail was because I was using the toilet, so I had removed the LK, and I guess Deimos needed to use it then. *sigh* Oh well. We normally have two bathrooms so we don’t need to share toilets with the cats (they’ve basically taken over one of the bathrooms of our house), but we’re now completely gutting our master bathroom, so it’ll be a couple of weeks of putting up with sharing toilets. I know there are people out there who are using the LK with just one toilet, and… while it’s not a horribly bad situation, I prefer having my own toilet without the hassle of worrying about the LK.

So training the boys are progressing smoothly (for now!), with just a few incidents with Phobos pooping on the floor, but he’s been a lot better about going on the LK. It seems that he only poops on the floor when we aren’t home, and usually if the LK is dirty. So we try to clean the LK up after every time the cats go when we are home. It’s working so far? We have also been progressing extremely slowly, as going by the LK instructions time frame is just unrealistic by Phobo’s standards. But that’s okay, I’m not in any mad rush to get them trained fully on the toilet, and even if they only manage up to Amber stage, I’d still be happy with that, as it’s relatively easier to clean than a litter box.

This time around we’re going to take it niiiiiice and slooooooow…

On an off-LK-topic note, we bought some cat grass for the boys a couple of weeks ago, because we noticed Phobos was nommings on our poor little live pine tree we had bought for Christmas ’09. We put the tree outside to save it from Phobos’ voracious appetite for coniferous trees, but we figured we should give him something else he could noms on to satiate his taste for greens. Hence where the cat grass came in. Funny enough when we showed the cats the grass, Deimos was all over it, like he couldn’t get enough of it, whereas Phobos kinda sniffed at it and walked away. Phobos seemed interested, but he didn’t sample it. We had to take it away soon after because Deimos wouldn’t stop nommings on it, and he wouldn’t even touch his dinner after he had that, the naughty thing. Fast forward to today, we brought out the grass for the boys to noms on, and I finally managed to convince Phobos it was tasty by crushing a few blades in my palm so he could get a taste of it.

Grass - om nom noms!

Phobos finally learns cat grass is nommylicious! He was stuffing his cute chubby face into the heart of it, trying to stuff as much of it into his little mouth. Haha, so cute!

And… that’s all for today! Here are some other random pictures of what the cats have been up to:

Peek-a-Boo! I see you!

What appears to be an ordinary box...with nothing inside?...


BAM! Fooled you good! Yeah! Box outfit FTW, a-la-Solid-Snake Style!

Naughty Kitten up high!

Deimos hangin' out at his high perch in the kitchen. They don't usually climb up on the cupboards but once in a blue moon the boys can be found up there.

Kitten Anger Inducing Toy

Best $2 I ever spent, which I found in Daiso. Using it on the kitties puts em into Angry-Excitable-Mode, which is very funny to watch.

*yawn* A nap after a long hard day of doin nothing...

Nappy wappy times. Kitties lurve their Cat Perch in my computer room. Might not be able to see, but there are a billion nose prints on the window from them pressing up to it in curiosity. You can get a cat perch from most pet stores, and cats love them!


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