Big Renovations = LK On Hold

July 13, 2010 at 12:20 pm (Kittens, Toilet training) (, , , , )

Exactly as the title says…

We’ve been undergoing lots of renovations at our house. And I mean LOTS.  

One of these renovations included ripping up the carpet in the main hallway and main bathroom, as well as replacing the old linoleum/vinyl sheets in the bathroom and kitchen. All of it is to be replaced with vinyl tilings. Yeah I know, it sounds just as cheap looking as they are price wise…but in actuality they look pretty good, and practically like real tiles. You actually have to use real grout with this type of tile so it really enhances it and emulates that real tiled look.

We also just got our en-suite bathroom finished completely; basically we gutted EVERYTHING, including the counter, sink, hardware, towel rack, bathtub, tiling… basically the whole room underwent a ‘room lift’ except for the toilet (though it did get its seat replaced). Looks amazing compared to what was there before!… I wish I had before and after pics though. We had a minor hiccup with this room with the grout going all mushy on us, but the root of the problem has been discovered and the renovators reinstalled a new floor as the previous one they had put in was wrecked.

We are currently waiting for our kitchen to come back. All the cupboards, counters, oven, overhead vent, lights, and microwave are getting replaced…Everything was gutted, and now our kitchen sports new floors and cupboards. Oven and microwave are sitting in our living room. So it looks like the renovation people are waiting for our counter to come  in, and I think it’ll be pretty quick to finish up the job from there. FINALLY.

We started this out with the renovation people estimating that it would probably only take less than a week for them to install everything. Yeah, that totally did not happen. We are going onto our third week. I’m just hoping they will finish by this weekend so I can actually eat some real food and not have contents of my kitchen all sprawled out in my living room. In the meantime it’s takeout and microwavables… bleah. Gawd I miss real  home cooked meals!

So enough about renovations! Going back to the LK… We actually decided to put that training on hold for now. We were experiencing too many “accidents”, which of course we’re already used to, but the renovation company not so much. So it’s been awhile since the cats have used the LK, I think over a month so far. I just hope this doesn’t mess up their progress by too much by getting them too used to the litter box, which Phobos was all too happy to use when we pulled it out. I think when things settle down with the renovations we will get the LK back out, and even though they were on the Amber stage I will probably jump over to the Green stage. I’ll have the entire bottom taped up so it’s almost like using the Red stage, and progress from there. It seems much harder to transition from each stage because the colour is so different! Cats notice things like that, it’s not like they’re colour-blind. I think if they were the same colour it wouldn’t be as difficult a transition…

Interestingly enough I caught Phobos the other day standing with his front two paws on the edge of the litter box, kind of what he would do on the toilet when he went to go poop. He has NEVER done this before…so I think he picked the habit up from Deimos? Deimos did it all the time on the litter box after we started the kittens on the LK training. Here’s to hoping that they will take to the LK easily enough when the renovations are DONE.


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