Back On Track!

July 26, 2010 at 11:04 am (Renovations, Toilet training) (, , , , )

Cuddly Kittens

BFFFs! Best Fur Friends Forever!

We’re pretty much DONE with renovations. I just signed off our last cheque for the remaining balance owed. We were going to replace the kitchen lighting because our fluorescent light is not consistently working but the toll of the renovations thus far have us thinking twice about taking on yet MORE expenses. Just going to see how it goes, most likely use the current light until we completely burn it out.

It was painful not having our kitchen for like 3-4 weeks, but it was well worth the wait! New kitchen looks updated and simply gorgeous compared to what it was before. We even have more space than before.

So we have set up the Litter Kwitter yet again. I believe we set it up sometime last Thursday, July 22nd, 2010. We took a chance and set the LK up with the Amber stage as it was, since that was where the cats had left off before the renovations. I was a little bit worried that the cats wouldn’t take to the LK since they’ve been spoiled with the litter box for the past month and so. But I was rest assured when the cats started to use it with very few problems. Of course Deimos took to it very easily and manages to get most of his business through the hole into the waters. Phobos as usual is more hesitant to use it, and I can tell he still doesn’t like to use it as he will hold in his business until the very last moment of need. I’ve been having to coax Phobos to use it, and rewarding him with treats whenever he goes to poop (really hates to do that with the LK). So far no problems yet, though there was an incident on Saturday when Ian forgot to replace the LK, which he had placed on the floor, and Phobos went and peed in the hole of the LK which of course ended up all over the floor. Poor Phobos, we didn’t blame him for that one!

Speaking of the floor, most of it in the main area of the house is now tiled, going from the front entry, down the hall, to the main bathroom as well as to the kitchen. Looks great and is way easier to maintain! Goodbye forever to messy gross looking carpet, and dated tacky linoleum. Well, actually we still have carpeting in the living room, bedroom, and master bedroom. But I’m okay with that for now, since we don’t usually let the cats in the bedrooms, and the living room is withstand-able with the carpeting. It was just really bad having carpeting in the front entry way, and in the most of the bathroom (yes we had carpeting in our bathroom!) and I definitely do not miss that carpet one bit.

Things look okay with the toilet training, and hopefully I’ll be able to advance them to the next stage soon. I haven’t been able to watch them too much lately to see if they’ve been positioning themselves correctly when they go as the cats seem to stop when they realize I’m watching. But that’s okay, as long as they using the LK, that’s fine for me …for now.


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