Caught in Action

August 3, 2010 at 10:51 pm (Cat Toilet Training) (, , , , )

So far, we hadn’t had any problems with the cats going to the washroom, not counting the “accident” next to the litter box just before we made the switch back to the LK, but that was because the box was absolutely filthy.

Deimos has always been comfortable with the LK, going when he pleases and has no major issues with the LK,  other than his positioning. I noticed a few times that he likes to go straight into the middle of the hole and in doing so, places all his paws inside the Amber stage area. I think this is okay, as he’s probably learned that pee in the toilet is ideal, and green stage I don’t think this should be a problem for him.

Unlike Deimos, Phobos usually protests and meows loudly while pacing around the house just before absolutely having to go… he typically holds it in as he seems to obviously dislike the LK. I usually have to persuade him to go, though if I am not around he will go, though only when he can’t hold it in anymore. I’ve seen that cat hold in his poop for over 24 hours… I’m not sure that’s too healthy but… I will continue to observe as we continue the training.

So far we haven’t met any surprises or accidents, though, I have a feeling we’re due for something sometime soon…

But then today…

Tonight he’s meowing like it’s nobody’s business and right away Ian and I realize he has to go. He only ever really meows loudly like that when he’s in distress, as he is not a very vocal cat.  To persuade him to go I usually will gently prod and massage his abdomen… yes I know, that sounds kind of gross, but it works.  Then I will take him over to the LK and see if he does his thing. If he doesn’t, I go back to massaging. Massage, LK, massage, LK. After a couple back and forths, he finally goes to pee. He has decent positioning with only one paw inside the LK. I reposition his paw after he goes, so he gets the idea (I can’t do it before he goes, because he will give up and leave).Phobos finishes, then promptly leaves the room.

Phobos cleans himself off, then right away he goes back to meowing. Looks like he still has more work to do. So Ian takes him to the bathroom and JUST as I am finishing up with cleaning the LK, he wanders over towards the toilet. So far so good… Then he starts to wander around BEHIND the toilet…(at this point I’m kind of nervous but I let him go anyways–big mistake), and then after a moment he hunches down… immediately I reach out to get him and he’s meowing pitifully as we struggle to quickly get him on the toilet. We managed to get him there mostly on time and he does his business, though he is not too pleased. He also left some…dribbling mess behind the toilet and in moving him, he had stepped in a bit of his mess. Ew.

So we immediately pick him up after he’s done and wash his hind paws, and wash the areas that he did manage to step on, as well as the mess he made. One big ordeal over a #2 session. Sigh.

I don’t really have any high hopes for getting Phobos completely comfortable with the LK, but if he even just uses it satisfactorily without accidents, we’d be really happy with that.


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