Not How You Want to Start Mornings

August 17, 2010 at 1:09 pm (Cat Toilet Training) (, , , , , )

So Phobos when he does go, usually has to pee first, and then poop right afterwards. If we’re lucky, he does this while we are home so we are able to clean up after his first deed. Then he will go on to do his other deed. You know what I’m talkin’ about.

But this morning…

…We weren’t up yet, and I guess he went sometime just before we got up because he decided to do his second deed on the floor. He managed to scrape up what little litter that was scattered on the floor in front of the toilet and did it there.  At least he gets the idea that the bathroom is where you should do it?…

We can’t really get mad at the little guy because afterall, after Phobos pees, the LK is completely filled and most of the litter is soiled. Naturally he would not want to go in that, and really  I wouldn’t want him pawing at really soiled litter anyways. So the problem here is that Phobos will refuse to go in a highly soiled LK, which is usually what happens when he pees, and he usually pees first.

I’m thinking I might try to move them along to the Green stage. Phobos seems to be doing OK with his positioning while he is peeing; he is getting it into the LK stage area which means he is perched mostly along the edge. Whenever I do catch him, I’ve seen him with at least 3 of his paws up on the LK edge. Deimos always pees straight into the middle, which usually means he is perching inside the LK where the litter sits, but I don’t think this should be a problem because Deimos took to the LK pretty easily.

LK instructions recommend that the cat have 3 or more of his paws up on the LK edge (the white area, that resembles toilet seat) before moving onto the Green stage. I’m just hoping that the size of the hole of the Green stage doesn’t freak out the cats. It was like that with the Amber stage, where they were more curious about the hole than doing their business, hence the transitional stages where I had to add pieces of plastic to the LK stage. Ah well, if the Green stage does freak them out it’s not a big deal, just a bit of extra work to add the plastic pieces is all.

NOTE: This was a draft I had saved but forgotten to publish a few days ago… On August 10th. So here it is.


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