Been a long while! So where we’re at…

October 14, 2010 at 10:56 am (Cat Toilet Training)

*brushes dust off blog* Hi! Remember me?…

So to quickly sum up what has been going on with the kitties…

We went to attend PAX 2010 back on September 3-5, and we left the day before so we could get some rest there before the convention happened… BUT, we could not secure my sister as a catsitter as she was leaving for school in Alberta. We would’ve preferred to have someone take care of the cats at our place as that would be most ideal for them, but we thought it would be too much trouble to ask our neighbors to come in to feed them since they never asked us to care for their pets. The crazy cat lady who lived on the floor above us was an idea, though neither my fiance or I  wanted to go to ask her even though she loves cats. So we decided to drag the cats on over to our friends’ house, as they owned a cat before and they seemed willing enough to take on the cats.

We totally did not expect for the cats to be completely scared shitless about this whole ordeal, all they did was moan and cry on the ride over there, and the same on the way back. At first they were scared of our friends’ house when we let them out of their carriers, but then they quickly adjusted…or so we thought. Apparently after we left the cats basically hid from our friends most of the time and barely ate… poor things. Reason I was kind of surprised by this was because we did this before when they were much younger, and they had a blast over at another person’s place. But I guess as cats get older they become accustomed to their routines, habits, and surroundings, and that it can be jarring when it all suddenly changes.

So I’m not sure what we’re going to do for next year when we leave for 4 days again…I guess we’ll have to see.

As for their toilet training, we thought that they were progressing well enough to go on to the green stage, but we wanted to hold off on getting to that stage until AFTER we came home from PAX, since

  1. They were going to use a litter box at our friends house; we didn’t want to impose cat toilet training on our friends
  2. Since they were going to use a litter box, we figure that would set them back a bit when we returned them to the Litter Kwitter.

So after we got home, we set them back up on the LK, on the Amber stage, since we knew they were comfortable going on it.

Then about a week later we switched over to the green stage. I wasn’t worried at all about Deimos, since he has no problems going in the LK, but I was very wary of how Phobos was going to take to it.

Phobos has since pooped on the floor near the toilet every time since then. There was ONE time he pooped in it, but only because I put him up there just as he was about to go. Needless to say he did not enjoy that much as he cried pitifully about it. He even peed into a box that was full of packing paper, though I don’t entirely blame him for that since the box looked very much like a litter box, but still was very disappointed with him when he did that. It just goes to show how much Phobos dislikes the LK… 😦

It really is a shame because if it were not for Phobos’ lack of enthusiasm for the LK, Deimos would’ve probably been using the toilet on his own a long time ago.

My fiance thinks that we should pull out the litter box for Phobos and retrain him. I hate the idea of having to start over again after all the time spent getting them to this point! Especially because Deimos does super well with  But then again my fiance is getting pretty frustrated with Phobos’ progress and is pretty much ready to give up, if it were not for me.

So as of today, we didn’t actually revert back to the litter box, but instead we have gone back all the way to the Red stage, which Phobos seems much more comfortable going on. I guess because it’s very much like a litter box, as it doesn’t have a gaping hole to the water below. To address the issue the cats’ pee being retained, we decided to drill several holes throughout the Red stage to allow for most of the pee to drain through. This actually works well, though now we’re screwed if we ever need to retrain them off the floor, but I think the cats are pretty used to going on top of the toilet that it shouldn’t be much of an issue.

I think I also made a mistake in trying to correct Phobos’ position when he went to pee…I believe before he would go in the middle, but the training guide says that the cats should learn to have their paws on the Litter Kwitter rim part (the white area). So I would correct him so he now actually usually goes in the edge of the stages, rather than the middle…which might’ve been a mistake because as we progressed the stages he would squish himself up against the back of the toilet to try and aim onto the edge of the stages. He somehow learned that the hole was BAD. So… I guess I will have to try and see what I can do to help him there.


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