Hi! Insanekitten here! I own two precocious little kittens, of whom I will be blogging about throughout their toilet training sessions. Around late 2009, I found out about this toilet training kit for cats called the Litter Kwitter, so my fiancé and I decided that while the kittens were still fairly young, we would try and toilet train them.

A little bit about each kitten…



  • Black all over with yellow eyes
  • Neutered male, born about May 09
  • Skinny, fit and agile
  • Sleek, smooth fur
  • A people pleaser
  • Loves human food, jumping on counters
  • Meows loudly alot
  • AKA Pokey-Paws because he likes to walk all over us and his paws are itty bitty and poke us so!


  • Cream with pointed colour tail and ears with light blue eyes
  • Neutered male, born about May 09
  • Kinda chubby as he loves to eat
  • Squishy soft fur
  • Could care less about anything
  • Hates corporal cuddling
  • Loves clawing things, especially the carpet
  • Meows softly only when he wants something,
  • Super-cutie whose looks you can’t resist!

We picked both little guys up from the same shelter, but they are not blood brothers. In fact, we originally wanted Deimos and his real sister, of whom had siamese markings, but she was taken before we had a chance to. We were hoping for a brother and sister from the same litter, but then we figured that if two kittens grow up together it wouldn’t be much different, plus we were also told that a male/male pair would get along very well. So we settled on adopting Deimos and Phobos from two different litters, and have not regretted it since. This is my first time owning cats, while Ian (my fiancé) has owned a couple. It has been truly an eye-opening experience, and I am loving it!



  1. Radiant said,

    Did not know you had a blog. Added to blogroll! 😀

    • insanekitten said,

      Ah I do. I just don’t really update it that often, and was really more to keep track of my cats training progress. lol

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