Not How You Want to Start Mornings

August 17, 2010 at 1:09 pm (Cat Toilet Training) (, , , , , )

So Phobos when he does go, usually has to pee first, and then poop right afterwards. If we’re lucky, he does this while we are home so we are able to clean up after his first deed. Then he will go on to do his other deed. You know what I’m talkin’ about.

But this morning… Read the rest of this entry »


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Big Renovations = LK On Hold

July 13, 2010 at 12:20 pm (Kittens, Toilet training) (, , , , )

Exactly as the title says…

We’ve been undergoing lots of renovations at our house. And I mean LOTS.   Read the rest of this entry »

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Secret Stash?!

April 28, 2010 at 8:43 am (Kittens, Toilet training) (, , , )

I certainly hope not anyways…

Ever since we made the minor change of removing the clear plastic sheet, we have not seen Phobos go pee once, nor seen any evidence of him going. It’s been about 2 days. O___o;;

Phobos seems to look at the hole with some interest, or rather, more interest than before. I think the size now puts him off a bit.

But then this morning, lo and behold, he finally goes after much encouragement from Ian and I. Yay! But then he made us late-ish for work because he decided to go just when we were about to leave, and we had to stick around til he finished so we could clean up the LK. Booooo!

We noticed that when he peed, he did so by ’emptying’ into the tray area. Which leads me to suspect that either he has been able to hold it all in for like, 2 whole days, or he’s been peeing elsewhere and we just haven’t found it yet. Third option, but highly unlikely, is that he was peeing in the toilet, and that he just managed to get it all in the toilet and none in the tray. I am very skeptical about that. I’m super worried that he’s probably peed somewhere like in our bedroom (NO THE HORRORS!) because while normally the door is kept close when we are home, the renovation people who are working on our master bathroom, have NOT been closing the door. So the kitties have had access to our bedroom for the last couple of days…

Well he peed today this morning so here’s to hoping we don’t find anything in the bedroom later today.

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First Post, Second Attempt

December 20, 2009 at 6:48 am (Toilet training) (, , , , , , , , )

Hello! I’m sort of new to blogging as I’ve resisted the trend to blog, but after getting my two kittens, I felt that it would be great to share them with the world. This blog would also serve as a way to document all the fun and not-so-fun adventures these two cuties get themselves into.

We adopted two kittens from a shelter, one black male, and one cream coloured with points male. We chose to adopt two kittens because Ian’s 16-year-old cat, Jim (RIP old friend), had just passed away and because we both work full-time we wanted to give the kittens company.

We decided on the names Deimos and Phobos. Deimos being the black one as he instills dread in one with his superstitious nature! Phobos being the cream one with wide blue fearful eyes.

Deimos and Phobos first day home

Deimos and Phobos cuddling in their new bed

Doesn’t Deimos look kinda evil in this picture?!

My boyfriend (Ian) and I have been attempting to toilet train our kittens after learning about this cat toilet training system: Litter Kwitter. I ordered a kit off of eBay and we started training them sometime in late October. Phobos and Deimos were already litter trained so when we introduced the Litter Kwitter (aka LK), they took to it right away. They were about 5 months old when we started the training, and now are about 7 months.

All was going well and we managed to progress through the steps, until in the middle of the Amber stage, Phobos started pooping consistently on the floor. Phobos had pooped on the floor before, but at this point, he had pretty much given up trying to poop on the Litter Kwitter and was going directly on the floor around the toilet.  I got so frustrated and I got angry at him one day which I think made him turn to other places. We found his droppings in our water boiler room and one day we even caught him going there again, and he had even wedged himself under some intricate pipings behind the water heater which I thought was very strange for a cat, and then I suspected that Phobos was stressed about toileting and was forced into wedging himself in a weird position to go bathroom. Phobos was also peeing in the LK even as he was pooping on the floor, (of  which is a common problem with this training) but then one day I realized I hadn’t seen him even go on the LK. I looked around the house, and finally I checked a pile of towels which were sitting on top of our washing machine and they reeked of cat pee. It wasn’t wet either, so Phobos must have done it awhile ago. Funny that neither Ian or I noticed it, I guess the towels absorbed the pee really well and masked the scent. I stuffed the towels in the machine…there will be no more of that!

So after that, we tried a few things, like putting the Red stage on the floor, newspapers on the floor, and leaving both Phobos and Deimos in the bathroom when we weren’t home or sleeping (which was most of the time unfortunately)…but we’ve now come to the conclusion that we’ll have to revert back all the way to the beginning stage of the training to retrain Phobos to go in the right place and make sure he’s comfortable with it. It’s too bad, because Deimos was getting along fine with the Amber stage which was the main reason I didn’t want to start all over again. But as the multi-cat training goes, you can only progress as fast as the slowest cat.

I’m sure that if we were training only Deimos by himself, he would’ve been on the green stage by now. He was a LK ‘whiz’ so to speak! (har har, excuse my pun).

Oh well. The LK combined with flushable kitty litter is MUCH much MUCH easier to clean up than your standard litter box. I also really don’t want to give up, because I’ve seen the potential in this training, so I’m going to persevere until the day comes when both kittens are fully toilet trained! So here we go again, hopefully our second attempt will go much more smoothly…

So we’ve taken the LK and put it on the floor with the Red stage, with plenty of litter inside. I left the water filled jugs behind the toilet to deter Phobos from going there. So far, so good, both cats have gone on the LK, and Phobos just did his poops on the Red tray, YAY!

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